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Sadhana Cotton Yoga Mat (Cream)

Sadhana mats are thoughtfully designed to attain perfect Yoga posture. Most suitable for those who want a soft and natural material mat to pursue Yoga regularly.



Introducing 100% toxin free
natural cotton yoga mats.

Product Attributes

Product Attributes

  • 100% natural cotton, non-toxic, PVC-free, and eco-friendly.

  • 75 x 24 inches, 8 mm thick, 1.6 Kg.

  • Extra length designed to accommodate taller yoga practitioners.

  • Free of toxins that cause harm to the body.

  • Unique surface and added stripes for better traction and firm grip.

  • Soft and breathable cotton surface, free of poisonous emits from synthetic mats.

  • Machine washable, low maintenance, hygienic and fresh mats every day.

  • Withstands the toughest of practices.

  • Perfect cushioning for those with sensitive joints.

  • Easily foldable and portable.

  • Can be used on all surfaces, indoors and outdoors. 

  • Sweat-absorbent, skin-friendly touch surface for a hassle-free yoga practice.

PVC vs Sadhana Yoga Mats

Mat Comparision


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Machine Washable

After that sweaty practice, throw this in a washing machine. Browse below for Mat care.