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Everything you need to know about yoga diet!

Following the right diet chart is just as crucial as following the right posture for yoga asanas. In fact, diet is an integral part of yoga and maintaining a healthy diet can be extremely helpful in supporting and nurturing your yoga regime.

Do you want to know about the concept of yoga diet and what is the best diet to follow to complement your yoga practice? You have come to the right place.

This blog covers everything you need to know from helping you follow a proper yogic diet to taking your yoga practice to the next level. Below, we have shared some tips on how to follow yogic diet, what and when to eat to help you stay on track.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What makes a yogic diet?

Although the term is referred to as “diet”, it is not a quick solution to weight loss. Instead, a yogic diet is a long term solution to leading a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Let us explain the true yoga lifestyle diet:

1. Vegetarian

One of the first questions people ask when starting a yogic diet is “should I stop eating meat”. Is it really essential to give up meat if one wants to follow a true yoga diet? If your objective is just to improve your fitness and not adopt a yoga lifestyle, you have no need to stop eating meat. You can absolutely maintain fitness, lose weight and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle without giving up meat.

However, if you are planning to follow a complete yogic diet, you must adhere to the principles of Ahimsa, Sattva, Prana. Ultimately, you should turn veggie!

2. Fresh foods

A true yogic diet should include fresh foods, which means you must always prepare a fresh meal and do not prefer readily prepared or frozen meals. If you are really serious about the diet, you have to prepare fresh meals yourself from scratch.

3. Sattvic

Sattvic means “pure essence”. To completely combine diet and yoga into your lifestyle, anything you drink or eat should be Sattvic as they make the purest and most balanced diet. Sattvic foods help nourish your mind, body and soul, helping you achieve good health.

Some of the Sattvic foods include:

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Fresh fruits

  • Dairy products

  • Lentils and beans

  • Spices

4. No chemicals (organic)

When you are penning your yogic diet plan, one thing you must absolutely remember is that any food you consume should have zero chemicals added to it. However, this might seem very trickier in today’s age as most of the food is loaded with artificial sweeteners and other chemicals.

Implementing little changes to your habits like cutting out processed foods and snacks, tobacco and alcohol are some of the brilliant ways to start off your journey towards a true yoga lifestyle.

5. Eat at regular intervals

Eating at regular intervals is another major rule that you need to follow while sticking to a yoga diet plan. You should eat two hours before your yoga practice and 2 hours before sleeping- this will help train your body to use the energy better.

There is no better day than today. So, start your yogic diet right away!

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