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Benefits of using Cotton Yoga Mats

Most of the yoga mats today are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Mats made of PVC offer good grip and durability. But, sadly, there is no safe way to manufacture or dispose them.

Why ditch PVC mats?

PVC yoga mats contain phthalates, a chemical which makes PVC flexible. Phthalates are linked to several health risks including reproductive issues, shorter pregnancy duration, etc. PVC became the mat of choice for most people in the recent past because it's cheap, but considering its impact on our health and the environment, it's more than expensive.

Switch to natural products!

Ask these questions to yourself. What is my yoga mat made of? Does it contain unnecessary chemicals? Is it biodegradable? If you are unhappy about the fact that you are using a non-eco-friendly product, it is time you switch to natural yoga mats. And, one such natural material is cotton.

For centuries, cotton has been grown for food, fibre and fuel. We know cotton is used in clothing, towels, yoga mats, and sheets. But, did you know it is also used in making paper, currency, rope, animal feeding, cooking oil and more. The versatility and benefits of cotton is countless.

Sadhana Cotton Yoga Mat – The go-to product

We, at Cotton Yug, introduce Sadhana cotton yoga mat – natural and eco-friendly. You can now perform your asanas on a cotton yoga mat that is made of natural, comfortable, soft and sweat absorbent material that are organically grown. Read the benefits below:


Our yoga mats are soft, breathable and sweat absorbent. These mats allow your skin to breathe through them during your yoga session. Cotton with good wicking properties keep you fresh, dry and cool during exercise.


Our mats can perfectly suit your various needs. They help you perform yoga asanas more comfortably, workout, plank and can fit anywhere in your home. These mats in fact allow you to step on whenever you need a short meditation or stretching.


When you’re working out, PVC mats tend to get wet because of your sweat and eventually release stinky substances. With our cotton yoga mats, you need not worry about any such odour as they are highly absorbent. The mat is also machine washable, ensuring a fresh and clean workout every time.

The right grip

The primary pain point of people who use yoga mat to workout is that their hands keep slipping off and find it difficult to grip as their palms and feet would sweat, creating discomfort and annoyance. With our mat, you don’t have to worry about the grip as it absorbs the sweat.

Excellent cushioning

Cotton fibres are naturally fluffy. Our natural yoga mats are woven to provide enough thickness to give you excellent cushioning. So, get the right comfort for your knees, elbows or head to do your asanas.

Buy the best natural cotton yoga mats and make your workout sessions more comfortable and healthy.

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