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Our Story

The fabric of our lives. The weft and warp of our land. Beginning from time immemorial, treasured in this hallowed land, it's time to go back to all things pure — Cotton included! We just couldn't keep our hands and hearts away from this natural fabric. We had to bring it back to our mainstream everyday lives.

From roots to our future routes.


It is in the commonplace, the most ordinary moments of life, that magic happens. Our story is no different. One fine evening, sitting with friends over a cup of tea and samosas, an exciting idea was born. Coming from varied backgrounds, we got talking about everything we are passionate about -- food, fabric, nature, and spirituality. We realised we were all doing our bit to enhance and elevate our daily lives by conscious, sustainable choices in food, clothing, and shelter.

We discovered, not without dismay though, that in the world of Yoga, and fitness, those choices were missing. Choices, of the natural, sustainable kind, of the kind we dreamt, of using fabric to do our most important practice--Yoga. The only choice the world offered was on a surface that is poisonous, synthetic, and harmful--PVC.

This woke us up. It galvanised us to do something about it. We wished to bring consonance with our roots. With a fabric that tied as much to our land, our exercise, our skin, as to our complete well-being -- Cotton!

Thus was born Cotton Yug. A place where our intent for a conscious choice led to a passionate share. To like-minded people and communities. To inspire and encourage all those who wish a similar lifestyle as we do. A platform to imbibe and pick up everything natural, cotton, healthy and sustainable.


Thank you for joining us in our wish to make our bodies and our surroundings a breathable place to live in.

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